#56JEFCOEDSchoolsTour: #1 Clay-Chalkville Middle School

I am giddy with excitement about touring Jefferson County Schools as part of my year as the 2016-2017 Alabama Teacher of the Year.  So often, I have wanted to see what is going on in other classrooms, not only in my school, but around my district, Alabama, other states, and other countries.  What a blessing it is to have this year to visit classrooms, to see best practices in motion, and share what I learn!  

Kicking Off My #56JEFCOEDSchools Tour

The Alabama Teacher of the Year receives numerous requests to visit schools, attend conferences, make presentations, and write articles.  As the school year starts, I realize that I can create my own path, design my own learning experiences, explore possibilities.  Over the years, when teaching full time, I had often wished I could visit other teachers’ classrooms.

ALFA Supports Alabama Teacher of the Year with a Nice Ride

With little sleep and far too much adrenaline, I made the journey from Birmingham to Montgomery this morning with my sister, Lori.  First, I attended the State Board of Education Meeting, something every pre-service teacher and current educator should do at least once.  (I will blog about this in a separate blog post). 

Alabama Teacher of the Year: Take Two!

Since I cannot sleep - the excitement of the evening lingers - let me take the advice of Jefferson County Board of Education Program Assistant Nez Calhoun, and begin my journal of my year as the Alabama Teacher of the Year 2016-2017. I made it to the Final Four for Alabama Teacher of the Year back in 2005. I cannot believe that I made it back here again for Take Two!